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White Chocolate Christmas Stars


Happy 1st of December 🙂

These chocolate stars are so easy and simple to make, it doesn’t take more than 20 minutes. So if you’re looking for at an easy, yet still homemade Christmas snack, this is the one. You can of course choose to make it with dark or milk chocolate, but I really have a thing for white chocolate, so this was how I made them.


200 gram chocolate.

3 tbs. dried cranberry, chopped.

4 tbs. pistachio nuts, chopped.

You will also need a silicone mold, with whatever shape you want.


Heat up the chocolate until it’s melted, you can use a casserole or the microwave for that.

Pour some of the melted chocolate in the molds, top with cranberry and nuts and put it in the freezer for about 20 minutes. Voila now you have delicious Christmas snacks.

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English Muffins - Perfect for Eggs Benedict