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Breakfast omelet with vanilla crème fraiche and strawberries

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So everyone who reads my blog, know how much I love protein in the morning and a sweet omelet is perfect to give you the right amount, to keep you full and happy until lunch. I eat eggs almost every morning, on week days I usually get an omelet and in the weekends I love to get poached eggs with hollandaise or the usual scrambled eggs with bacon and fresh fruit, in my opinion this is one of nature’s best products, it is filled with protein and the possibilities are endless when it comes to making variations, you never get tired of it. So here is another version for you:


2 eggs

A handful of fresh strawberries

2 tbs. Crème fraiche (I use the 18%)

2 tsp. vanilla powder

1 tsp. Acacia honey


Whisk the eggs in a bowl with one tsp. vanilla and pour it on a cold pan, turn on the heath.

Whisk the crème fraiche and the rest of the vanilla together, clean the strawberries and cut them in smaller pieces.

When the omelet is done, put you crème fraiche and strawberries on it and top it with the honey.

Voila there is the best possible start on the day – I always like to start the day with the idea that I actually got dessert for breakfast, but in a healthy way 🙂

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