Vanilla omelet with Ricotta and Blackberries


Omelets are really easy to make for breakfast, it only takes about 10 minutes and it’s healthy and make you feel full until lunch. So you should, of course enjoy this sweet omelet for breakfast as it’s a wonderful blend of protein, the good fat, and carbohydrates. So go get the best ricotta you can find and get your farm fresh eggs on the pan.


2 organic eggs

2 tsp. vanilla

3 tbs. ricotta

A handful of blackberries

1 tsp. acacia honey


Whisk the eggs with one teaspoon of the vanilla powder and pour it on a frying pan.

Mix one teaspoon vanilla with the ricotta.

When the omelet is done, top it with ricotta, blackberries and honey.


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Pancakes with cottage cheese and bananas


OMG these were good, so I ate them all at once, but they would have been perfect as a lunch box snack. I am not sure, but I actually think that cottage cheese is a good ingredient in almost everything, it makes everything taste moist and it is low in calories and high in protein. I have a thing for pancakes, you can make them in all kinds of variations, and they don’t have to be unhealthy, so go for it:

Ingredients for four big pancakes:

1 egg

1-deciliter flour

2 tbs. cottage cheese

½ deciliter milk

Half a banana, sliced

1 tsp. baking powder

1 tbs. vanilla powder


Whisk all the ingredients together, except for the banana.

Pour the dough on a hot pan, and place slices of the banana on the pancake and turn it when it’s ready.

Eat the pancakes, with fresh banana slices, chopped nuts and acacia honey on the top.

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Breakfast omelet with vanilla crème fraiche and strawberries

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So everyone who reads my blog, know how much I love protein in the morning and a sweet omelet is perfect to give you the right amount, to keep you full and happy until lunch. I eat eggs almost every morning, on week days I usually get an omelet and in the weekends I love to get poached eggs with hollandaise or the usual scrambled eggs with bacon and fresh fruit, in my opinion this is one of nature’s best products, it is filled with protein and the possibilities are endless when it comes to making variations, you never get tired of it. So here is another version for you:


2 eggs

A handful of fresh strawberries

2 tbs. Crème fraiche (I use the 18%)

2 tsp. vanilla powder

1 tsp. Acacia honey


Whisk the eggs in a bowl with one tsp. vanilla and pour it on a cold pan, turn on the heath.

Whisk the crème fraiche and the rest of the vanilla together, clean the strawberries and cut them in smaller pieces.

When the omelet is done, put you crème fraiche and strawberries on it and top it with the honey.

Voila there is the best possible start on the day – I always like to start the day with the idea that I actually got dessert for breakfast, but in a healthy way 🙂

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English Muffins – Perfect for Eggs Benedict


So are you one of these people who just love Eggs Benedict? Because I do, and when I get it, I really want it to be perfect, the hollandaise should be made from scratch and the eggs should be cooked to perfection, and one more thing there is super important: the bread!

No eggs benedict should ever be served on anything else than an English muffin! But the thing is, I live in Denmark, where English muffins are not a thing you just go buy in your local supermarket, so for a long time I’ve been lazy and trying to buy other substitutes, but it never tastes like it should. One of the things that’s been keeping me away from making my own, was that I thought it would be difficult, but it’s actually super easy, I made these last Saturday morning, and it was all wort it. I made a pretty big batch, so the rest is now in the freezer for the next time I serve brunch for my family…Or just the next time I get a craving for eggs benedict, they are also quite good with just jam on them 🙂



550 gram flour + extra for sprinkling

1 packet of dry yeast

2 ½ deciliter water

2 deciliter yoghurt

1 tsp. sugar

1 tsp. salt

1 deciliter. Semolina (this is so they get that crust, it’s actually not going in the dough)


In a bowl you mix the flour, yeast, salt and sugar.

The add yoghurt and water and knit it in to a dough.

Sprinkle some flour on you kitchen counter and place the dough on the flour.

Use a rolling pin to roll out the dough to a thickness of around 2 centimeters.

Cut out as many circles as possible, I just used a drinking glass.

When you can’t cut out more, you take the excess dough and it roll out  again, and cut more. I ended up with 18 dough buns.

Turn them in the semolina and let then rise for an hour, covered in a towel.

Cook them on a non-stick pan for 5-6 minutes on each side (yes you heard right, they are not going in the oven) on medium heat.

And then they are done, completely perfect with the right texture and flavor, Yum 🙂


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Sweet Omelet with Raspberries and Peanut Butter


I surely love a sweet omelet, it is such a nice variation for the good ol’ ham and cheese omelet, I usually enjoy in the morning. This one is with raspberry and peanut butter, how nice is that? And it is fast to make, you will have your breakfast ready in the morning within 10 minutes, and if you are just a little like me, you know that 10 minutes in the morning means the world, I really really like to sleep as much as possible 🙂


2 eggs

100 gram Greek yoghurt

50 gram raspberries

2 tsp. Vanilla powder

2 tsp. Acacia honey

1 tsp. Dark cocoa powder

1 tbs. Peanut butter


Whisk eggs, 1 tsp. vanilla, cocoa, 1 tsp. honey and cook the omelet on low heat.

Mix Greek yoghurt, peanut butter, 1 tsp. vanilla and 1 tsp. honey together. Put it on top of the omelet, when it’s done and top with raspberries.

Go enjoy another amazing day 🙂

Do you have a favorite omelet combination? Tell me all about it, I low to get new ideas?

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