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With the nice weather that finally came to Denmark, the carrot in my garden actually started to grow, and there is nothing better than grilled carrots. I prefer carrots with all sorts of color, it makes them so much more appetizing, so I planted purple carrots in my garden. It was perfect to grill them , the carrots became tender, but also kind of crispy. This was really an easy side order for the meat, and perfect if you don’t eat bread and pasta. You can also make these on a grill pan or an electric grill, the result will be just as delicious and healthy.


10 carrots (they were not very big)

2 tbs. olive oil

Fresh herbs – I used parsley and coriander from my garden

Salt and pepper


Put some olive oil on the carrots and grill them on each side for a few minutes. Drizzle them with herbs and salt and pepper, and you are in for some healthy delicious food 🙂


Recipe for the pea dip:

2 dl. peas ( i used fresh, but frozen is also okay)

1 dl. Creme fraiche

A handful of Mint leaves

Salt and pepper

Blend it all in a blender and serve it with the carrots.

pea dip


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