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I recently quit my gym and started working out at home, and I am actually really pleased with it. It try to do a combination of strength training and Yoga, I live on the first floor in an apartment in Copenhagen, so I can’t do a lot of cardio at home, so for cardio I go for a run in our lovely park Fælledparken. I do have a bit training equipment at home, but I try to most workout’s with bodyweight, because then I can also do the exercises when I am on holiday and business trips. It is really important to keep in shape, especially after you turn 30, your muscle mass starts to decrease, due to hormonal factors, and this is also the reason why we tend to gain weight when we get older, so therefore  it is even more important to actively do something to maintain muscle mass as we age.

So to keep up my own motivation, and to inspire other who don’t feel like going to the gym, a weekly inspiration for working out in your own home will be a steady part of the blog from now on. This week I will highlight Popsugars’s fitness section, you can find it here, they really have some amazing tips for working out in your own home, and they come up with new ideas all the time, so it never gets dull.

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So this week I will do circuit 1, 2 and 3, three times after each other every night, hopefully burn some calories and get even more fit. What do you all do to get fit, and do you have any sites of videos you can recommend?

Do you need inspiration for healthy recipes? I just created an app you can download with low calorie recipes, you can download it for IPhone here and for Google Play here

I can recommend you to start with my favorite pasta dish, Rigatoni with zucchini and feta, with only 132 calories per 100  gram. Pasta is not unhealthy, just make sure to incorporate lot of veggies in it, when you make your favorite pasta dish.


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